Changes in life are constant .Infact life is all about changes. If you change over various phrases of life you are improving and if you are often changing you are becoming perfect individual. Changes will bring in peaks and valleys as a part of life, but remember its just a part and even ,“Still seas don’t make skilled Sailors”.

Change is a natural phenomenon which can be within thyself or the changing environment around. Changes never bring you to a conclusion and if you have got to a conclusion you have probably stopped trying. They may be impassive, persistent or oblivious but they should exist to make you a better person. Of course changes and patience go hand in hand. Impatience takes to in deep valleys wher you have to settle for the ordinary.

Changes bring in imagination, they build up a broad spectrum for you and you aren’t imagining you are probably,” A man without wings “. Let the change find you and embrace your inner motivation. Start for small changes, break some unnecessary habits, some timid relationships and some unwanted barriers. And soon you will meet a new dawn a new life and a new ‘You’.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

Find Joy!

Do what you love. If you don’t know what brings you joy, ask, “What is my Joy? ” And as you commit to your joy you will attract an avalanche of joyful things because you are radiating joy. You are great and magnificent you can do everything and anything regardless of what has happened with you till now.

You are born to add value to your life, add value to the earth. Treat yourself at the first place because happiness starts from you. Its the power with in You. Be something bigger and better than you were yesterday.

Let the Joy be with you and Within You! “

Happiness is what you design for your present “


Rose is a flower that stays of an hour,

Friendship is a power which grows like a tower.

Friendship is a mirror handled with care,

Once it is broken its hard to repair .

Friends are like alter ego ,

If you find them don’t let them easily go.

It is very difficult to find a true friend,

If you get one stay with him till the end.


Stay a little Longer

I am down to worst, and have lost my trust.

The shadow has left me behind and everything seems blind.

Be there to make me stronger.

Stay a little longer.

Tears have covered up my sparkling eyes,

The snow is heavy and the leaves are light.

Everything is frozen at its place, the darkness is giving a hard gaze.

Stay by my side as a known stranger.

Stay a little longer.


The wings were high,still feet to the ground.

Couldn’t see anything but ears heard the sound.

Everything seems fetish all around.

Flying up in the sky, the mountains passed,

The river may be wide but still can be crossed.

No hurdle is stronger to get depressed.

I fell down like leaves because it was autumn,

It taught me to bounce back high if I hit the bottom.

Now back to the 9th Cloud everything seems phantom.



Mind rushing with thousands of thoughts,

Tears are overwhelming the hearts.

Smiles are drying up in this Winter ,

Hoping someday there’s summer.

The darkness has taken the shadow away,

With blind steps I am finding my way.

Everything seems false still finding the true,

Hoping someday the dark turns blue .

All opportunities were disguised into impossible situations,

I could barely find them because of distractions.

Still waiting for the days to grow longer,

Hoping someday the spring makes me stronger.

Someday the sun will shine bright,

The darkness will turn into light.

Someday the shadow will get darker ,

And the stars of hope will shine brighter.

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